Why You Must Experience an Escape Room At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

23 May
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Why You Must Experience an Escape Room At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

My personal take-aways and what I learned about myself at Mystery and Intrigue Escape Room.


“The ultimate mystery is one’s own self.”  Sammy Davis, Jr.


An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the room…” Wikipedia

When I first entered the business the place itself looked so unassuming called “Mystery and Intrigue. My mind was intrigued. First thing we saw was a huge version of Jenga and we played for a moment while signing Liability Forms for our group of four. My investigative team was my daughter, Esperanza, her friend Ashley, my niece Jazmine and myself. We were doing this activity to show my niece a good time in the Dallas area. Earlier in the day my daughter was describing it to me and she said “Mom, are nervous.” She knows me well because I was. The things I was nervous about was fear of failure and not being able to successfully get out of the room and also fear of the unknown.


I already had great admiration for each of these young ladies. Their tenacity, their ability to clearly see things and speak to as they see it, their resolve for life and their down right intellectual capability. After this I had a great great respect for them and their calm, cool and collectiveness, to access things quickly, be willing to take risks, to work with other women, to respect another person’s opinion


In the midst of this I was amazed at what I learned about myself as well. Being physically tied to my niece taught me about trust and not having to always be in control. Being flooded with information, clues, numbers to try to sort them out to apply them to locks and boxes. I was challenged to think outside the box, to rely on these brilliant women, to stay in my lane and offer contributions where I could.

Everyone should have the escape room experience to learn trust, reliance, team playing, out of the box thinking, organizing thoughts and information with a group people as well as plain survival tactics. May you found your way out and be free!

Note: We had 60 mins in which to locate the money, jewels, unlock from one another

As well as break the code to the room itself and we did in 51 minutes with 9 minutes to spare.


“Both the man of science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it.” J. Robert Oppenheimer

HUGS means Health, Understanding and Success to you from Master Life Coach Miste!


Miste “Kehaunihiikapali” Anders-Clemons is a Master Certified Life Coach and known as “The Peace, Calm and Tranquility Coach” and specializes in stress reduction, empowerment and life transitions. She is known to speak calm into the heart of people with her very voice and she is a Interactive Inspirational Speaker that integrates hula, Tai Chi and karate in her speaking. She is a collaborative author in “Cultivating Your It Factor: 14 Must Haves to Define, Refine and Discover Your Signature Brand”, “Women On A Mission: Sisterhood of Stories” and soon to be released “The 3 P’s: Purpose, Passion and Profit.” She is married and the proud mom of two children, Esperanza and Austin and four  grandchildren. She loves hula dance and the Hawaiian culture as well as reading, writing and hanging out with the dog she fosters, Harley.


Http://itsamisteism.setmore.com to schedule a FREE Stress Less Strategy Session


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