Join me on Periscope for “STRESS LESS SUNDAYS” for my weekly scope

Sundays at 12pm CST (1pm EST and 10am PST)

Take a moment for yourself and join me on Periscope for less than 30 mins for Stress Less Sundays. I am @misteism on Periscope

On the scope I do: Deep Breathing, Quote, Stress Reduction tip and Affirmation of the day.

Take time and invest in yourself.

“One moment of stress reduction can double your energy, creativity and productivity.” Master Life Coach Miste

Join me on Periscope

Special Christmas Edition of Stress Less Sundays




It’s a Misteism was developed to acknowledgment of one uniqueness, a place where one will not be judged, a place of growth, a space to feel at home, a place that no matter what your lifestyle, gender, martial status, social economic status you are of the status of GREATNESS to us.

“I believe you are GREAT…”

I believe you are GREAT and we just want to assist you to become even greater. GREAT stands for something to us and it each letter stands for: G stands for gratitude, R stands radically you, E stands for enthusiastic, A stands for able and T stands for terrific. So GREAT means a person that is filled with gratitude, radically you, enthusiastic, able and plain terrific!

Are you needing someone to partner with?
Are you trying to reach a goal and not sure how?
Are you goal-less?
To you have too many projects and not sure where to begin?
Are you unclear in an area or areas of your life?
Do you have too many goals?

I am here for you at It’s a Misteism and and wanting to partner with you to help you to become even GREATER!

 “Schedule your FREE Stress Less Strategy Session TODAY!”

Call us at 682-521-5908 to schedule your FREE Stress Less Strategy 30 min. Session and receive your personal affirmation statement in your session. I look forward to talking to you.



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